“Huntington Beach is where it all started for me and it’s where I set up shop for the long haul,” said Llamas. “There is integrity to the influence of Huntington Beach culture on the global surf scene. I am honored to have played a role establishing that pure love for the sport and lifestyle; from the pier to Main St., and 17th Street across PCH, I have literally worn grooves in the pavement. The 17th Street shop is a landmark tribute to my roots, my career and will always be focused on keeping the best traditions of West Coast surf and skate alive.”

Llamas has spent the past five years establishing the character and inventory at 17th Street Board Shop as a reflection of Huntington Beach surf and skate culture; welcoming the novice to the sports and lifestyle that has remained his lifelong passion, and serving as a daily hangout for the rising talent and veteran residents of a local community now known the world over as Surf City USA.

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